Social Media Content. Case study.

The images below, show how at least 2 weeks worth of  social media content can be created from just a single leaflet, advert or poster. All content was taken using just the details from the initial A4 advert you can see here.

This was enough to create 12 social media posts and a cover design. Many more variations and scenes could have been easily created to comfortably give 20 images.

20 content images spread across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter gives you a total of 60 individual posts. Not to mention using some of them collectively as carousel posts or recycling single images for stories.

This gives you over 2 weeks worth of content across the 3 main social media platforms – all created from your current marketing material. Send it over for a review and with the minimal involvement from your schedule, you will have weeks worth of high quality content within days.

Original print advert.